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  • 02 Jul, 2021
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Monthly Vacation Rental Inquiries at an All Time High

Snowbirds plus many other walks of life are now vacationing for months at a time

  • 28 Jan, 2020
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Work and Travel: Best Destinations for Monthly Vacations or Multi-Month Stays

Vacationing for months at a time was once reserved for the retired, elite, or lucky few with financial means. However, today’s travel landscape is all about a remote workforce filled with wanderlust taking their laptops on the road.

  • 28 Dec, 2019
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Why Wait to Retire? Here's Why You Should Work and Travel Now

Wishing you could retire and travel the world? Why wait? Here’s why you should work and travel now, and how to take those first steps towards freedom

  • 12 Dec, 2019
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10 Senior Discounts You Can Only Get If You Ask

Looking for ways to save on retirement and score senior discounts? From travel to cell phone plans, here’s where to look first.

  • 10 Dec, 2019
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10 Affordable Things to do in Oahu

Looking for affordable things to do in Oahu for your next vacation? From history to free hula dancing shows and music, find affordable things to do in Oahu.

  • 05 Dec, 2019
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The Best Things to Do in Galveston This Winter

The best things to do in Galveston this winter deliver on everything from water thrills to a tranquil walk through history. Here’s where to get started.

  • 25 Nov, 2019
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7 Reasons to Book a Monthly Vacation Rental for Your Winter Holidays

Looking for a winter holiday destination the whole family can enjoy? Here's where to go and why you should consider a monthly vacation rental.

  • 01 Feb, 2019
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2019 Snowbird Fest Snowbird Choice Award Winners

Snowbirds vote on favorite vendors at Snowbird Fest 2019.