Wishing you could retire and travel the world? Why wait? Here’s why you should work and travel now, and how to take those first steps towards freedom

Why Wait to Retire? Here's Why You Should Work and Travel Now

Do you ever look over at those retirees and snowbirds relaxing on vacation and feel a twinge of envy? Maybe you push the thoughts away and try not to calculate how long you have to wait to reach retiree status.

Why wait? Instead of watching the years pass, take control of your lifestyle and create a life of work and travel that offers more flexibility. Here's why you should dive in and make your dreams a reality now.

It's Never Been Easier to Work Remotely

Just a few decades ago, it was almost unheard of to work from home or anywhere you felt like setting up shop. Today, more companies allow remote work to attract or retain top talent looking for a flexible lifestyle. As of 2019, 66% of companies allowed remote work, and 16% of companies were fully remote;

Craving more freedom and flexibility in your life may also signal it's time for a significant change. Look into launching that consulting or freelance business you've been dreaming about as a systems analyst, computer programmer, virtual assistant, graphic designer, or copywriter and serve your clients from around the world.

You Get to Savor Your Destination

There's no need to cram in a month's work of attractions in a few short days when you work and travel. You can slow down and take your time getting to know your destination and turning into a home away from home.

Get off the beaten path and explore your destination from the outskirts of that Mexican beachside town to the best hikes on Oahu. The more you venture out past the tourist areas, the more you connect and savor your vacation destination.

Vacations Are Suddenly Less Stressful

Slowing down on vacation also lends itself to a low-stress getaway. Sure, there will always be some stressors in life whether you're at home or on the shores of the Gulf Coast. However, you're no longer jamming in months of work to save up time to get away or rushing thfrough your vacation to see it all. 

Make the most of the weeks spent on the road and balance your schedule to incorporate lots of fun with your work commitments. Set realistic expectations and carve out a few hours to work, followed by play. 

You Get the Best Rates

While most people are booking their Florida vacation during the late winter, you can pick up and go whenever you like. Florida's fall months are still warm enough for an ocean or Gulfside swim, and without the intense heat and crowds keeping you indoors. Accommodation rates and attractions are often less expensive, putting more money in your pocket to travel.

Depending on your vacation destination and the season, you may be able to secure a monthly vacation rental at a steal. Look for listings with kitchens, beach access, swimming pools, and all the amenities you could want for a comfortable getaway with plenty of workspaces.  

Work Burn-Out Becomes a Thing of the Past  

If you're feeling burned-out on the job, you're in good company. A recent Gallup study found that nearly two-thirds of full-time workers experience burnout on the job. You may not be able to avoid all of the burnout triggers on vacation, but you can reduce them.  

The lack of office politics and drama, endless in-person meetings, and break in monotonous routine can leave you feeling recharged. It can only help if you have sun-drenched views of the beach from your tropical vacation rental. 

You're Inspired to Do More 

It takes everyone a few days to adjust to a new routine and learn to refocus on vacation to get some work done. However, you're also inspired to do more when you work and travel.  

Suddenly your time feels precious and you're no longer content to kill time between meetings and busy work. It's much easier to stay productive and efficiently complete your work when you know there's a world out there to explore. When it comes to work and travel, focus on balancing your time for true productivity. 

You Get to Bond With Your Loved Ones 

There's never enough time to bond and spend time with friends, partners, and families on a traditional vacation. While we busy ourselves seeing the best attractions and making the most of the beach, we miss out on bonding moments that only seem to happen when we slow down. 

Pick a monthly vacation rental with room to spread out, an outdoor grill, access to walking trails, or a rooftop terrace and plan for togetherness. Those beautiful moments talking while the sunsets and the stars come out will likely be your most memorable. 

You're in Control of Your Life 

When is the last time you felt in control of your life and not at the whims of someone else's schedule? Work may always keep you busy and ebb and flow with meetings and deadlines, but working remotely dramatically reduces the time spent tethered to office expectations.  

School schedules can also feel burdensome, but there are some solutions. A combination of winter breaks, summer vacation, and discussing a more flexible solution with your school are all possibilities for creating more balance in your family's lives.  

In today's hyper-connected world, there's no reason to wait until you retire when you can work and travel now. Focus on creating that flexible lifestyle you're craving and design systems and processes to keep your work under control and running smoothly on the road. The world will suddenly feel full of possibilities again from the waterside views of your vacation rental.